CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive compound, derived from either the hemp or marijuana plant. Scientists recently discovered that CBD does not display psychoactive properties like THC does, while still offering health benefits.

No, you will not fail a drug test using our products. Our third party lab tests for THC and all of our results have been less than their limit of quantification (6.34 micrograms per milliliter), which is way under the legal limit of THC (0.3%) federally allowed in Hemp CBD products.

Industrial hemp is non-psychoactive and contains less than 0.3% THC if any. Industrial hemp is 100% legal and has a high amount of CBD and an extremely low amount (if any) of THC.

Marijuana is psychoactive and federally illegal in the United States. It has a low amount of CBD and a high amount of THC.

Our hemp is grown in Colorado. Our extraction method is Supercritical CO2 Extraction, which isolates and preserves most of the plant’s natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without the use of toxic chemicals.

In December of 2018, the Farm Bill legalized hemp at the federal level. Hemp and its constituents, such as CBD oil, are now 100% legal in all 50 states. This is a major breakthrough for the Hemp and CBD industry and will allow for forward progress in hemp farming, production, and research on the benefits of CBD.

Here at THrīv, we DO NOT private or white label our products. A white label product is a product manufactured by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. As true manufacturers, we have full control over what ingredients are used in our products, where they are sourced, and the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to finished goods. All of our CBD products are made by hand and in small batches to preserve freshness and ensure quality. We are a small business located in Frederick, Maryland and can proudly say that we are devoted to customer service and satisfaction.

The most effective method of use depends on the customer’s specific needs. For example, for those looking for relief from everyday stress and anxiety, we recommend sublingual tinctures. On the other hand, those with targeted pain and inflammation may find a topical CBD lotion (such as our Muscle Rescue lotion) more effective. Contact us today and we’ll help determine which of our products may be a good fit for you and your individual needs.

No, there is no prescription needed for our CBD products. Note that there are certain medications that may interact with CBD oil (i.e. anti-depressants, antibiotics, NSAID’s, etc). If you are already taking prescription medications, we recommend consulting with your doctor first before ingesting CBD as a dietary supplement. There is no interference when using CBD topically.

Yes, the raw Broad Spectrum Hemp oil and CBD Isolate used in our products are both tested for potency and pesticides. All finished goods are tested for potency. Our third party testing facility, Atlantic Test Labs (MD), is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that specializes in medicinal cannabis and CBD testing. We have developed a great partnership with Atlantic Test Labs and together will bring transparency and honesty to the CBD industry and to our customers.

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